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  • Scaling in railway infrastructural drainage devices: site study.
    Neng Jia, Bruno Tassin, Nicolas Calon, Dimitri Deneele, Mathilde Koscielny and Francois Prevot.
    Innovative Infrastructure Solutions 2016, 1, UNSP 42
  • Multiscale analysis on the behaviour of a lime treated bentonite.
    Enza Vitale, Dimitri Deneele, Giacomo Russo, G. Gottardi and L. Tonni.
    Vi {Italian} {Conference} of {Researchers} in {Geotechnical} {Engineering}, {Cnrig}2016 - {Geotechnical} {Engineering} in {Multidisciplinary} {Research}: {From} {Microscale} to {Regional} {Scale} 2016, 112, 87-91
  • Influence of pore water chemistry on hydraulic conductivity of kaolinite suspensions.
    Enza Vitale, Manuela Cecconi, Paolo Croce, Dimitri Deneele, Vincenzo Pane, Giacomo Russo, Alessia Vecchietti, G. Gottardi and L. Tonni.
    Vi {Italian} {Conference} of {Researchers} in {Geotechnical} {Engineering}, {Cnrig}2016 - {Geotechnical} {Engineering} in {Multidisciplinary} {Research}: {From} {Microscale} to {Regional} {Scale} 2016, 112, 81-86
  • Short-term effects on physical properties of lime treated kaolin.
    E. Vitale, D. Deneele, G. Russo and G. Ouvrard.
    Appl. Clay Sci. 2016, 132, 223-231
  • Experimental assessment regarding leaching of lime-treated silt.
    Dimitri Deneele, Barbara Le Runigo, Yu-Jun Cui, Olivier Cuisinier and Valery Ferber.
    Constr. Build. Mater. 2016, 112, 1032-1040
  • Natural weathering of slags from primary Pb-Zn smelting as evidenced by Raman microspectroscopy.
    S. Sobanska, D. Deneele, J. Barbillat and B. Ledesert.
    Appl. Geochem. 2016, 64, 107-117
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