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All the 3 thematics use their expertise in different fields at the nanometer scale:

  • Optical and vibrational spectroscopy,
  • AFM microscopy,
  • Atomic scale modelling of physical properties,
  • Transport and magnetotransport,
  • Physical chemistry in confined environments and at interfaces,
  • Exploratory synthesis – nanostructures assembly.

And different investigation tools :

  • Raman Diffusion and IR Absorption spectroscop,
  • Electric transport measurement techniques,
  • Near field microscopy and atomic force microscopy,
  • Nanostructure characterisation (Zeta potential, DLS),
  • DFT and MD modelling (AIMPRO, SIESTA, LAMMPS, DFTB+.

We often develop new and original tools specific to the problem being studied.

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