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Transition metal oxides by "chimie douce" and chemical solution deposition

Mireille Richard-Plouet,  Luc Brohan [-> 01/04/2016], Collaboration PMN team: Bernard Humbert , Post-doctoral researcher : Angélina D’Orlando [2016-2017]

PhD: Solène Béchu  (2017)

chimie douce photo

Soft chemistry processes, involving autoclaving or reflux treatment of crystals of[Ti8O12 (H2O)24]Cl8, HCl, 7H2 in the presence of water and a suitable organic solvent makes it possible to have colloidal solutions of nanocrystals of TiO2 of the anatase variety (El Kass et al., 2017*).

These very stable solutions can be used to prepare thin films by chemical solution deposition and nanocomposites by pulsed injection in a low-pressure plasma [lien web vers nanocomposites]. 

Moreover, the control of hydrolysis and condensation of the precursor TiOCl2●1,4HCl●7H2O in N,N dimethylformamide has made it possible to synthesise sols and gels with original photo-electrochemical properties. The exploitation of these properties may lead to the development of new photo-devices, which requires sol shaping and characterisation by XPS  (Bechu et al., 2016*) and Infrared spectrometry under illumination in order to elucidate the mechanisms involved (Bechu et al., 2018*).

Keywords :             Chimie douce, spectroscopies and in situ UV illumination
Collaborations :     CEA-INES Chambéry


Tags: Jouan Richard Béchu Brohan D'Orlando Duvail Goullet Humbert Terrisse

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