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“Optimist” plasma chamber

This reactor is part of a set called "Optimist Platform". This platform is a shared tool of the CNRS network of Cold Plasmas (history and detailed presentation, see Optimist Platform) open to the plasma community. The source is an RF powered planar inductive source (13.56 MHz - 500 W max). The sample holder is temperature controlled (-180°C / +1100°C) by a circulation of liquid nitrogen coupled with a heating system. The sample size is 10*10 mm2. The reactor is connected under ultra-vacuum to the "SPECS" surface analysis assembly (Figure 1), with direct transfer of the sample holder (Figure 2). This assembly, which is unique in France, allows the study of the physical and chemical mechanisms involved in material and surface treatment processes in a controlled atmosphere (gas or plasma) or under vacuum over a very wide range of temperatures; sample transfer and analysis is possible at any temperature between -180°C and +100°C.

Plasma diagnostics by optical emission spectrometry (200 - 1000 nm), mass spectrometry (0.3 - 300 amu) and electrostatic probes can be installed on the reactor.

Four gas lines are available, among those from the "Alcatel" reactor. A fifth line dedicated to SiF4 was added in 2020 for studies in cryogenic etching of silicon-based compounds.

GRAVURE Plateforme Optimist fig1

Figure 1 : « Optimist » reactor and « SPECS » surface analysis system


GRAVURE Plateforme Optimist fig2

Figure 2 :  « Optimist » platform sketch coupling plasma treatment and surface analysis.



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