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Mayté Caldès (CR-HDR), Nicolas Barreau (MC-HDR), Catherine Guillot-Deudon (IR), Philippe Deniard (DR), Sylvie Harel (MC), Stéphane Jobic (DR), Alain Lafond (PR), Camille Latouche (MC), Michaël Paris (IR), Angélica Thoméré (PhD student)

Thin film technology offers significant potential for low-cost high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) devices. Chalcogenide based material are good candidates as absorbers in solar cells. We are involved in the crystal chemistry investigation of these compounds such as Cu(In,Ga)Se2 and Cu2ZnSnS4 as well as in the design of new photovoltaic chalcogenides. The main goal is to evidence the structure-properties relationship.


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  • Mayté Caldès (CR-HDR), Nicolas Barreau (MC-HDR), Catherine Guillot-Deudon (IR), Philippe Deniard (DR), Sylvie Harel (MC), Stéphane Jobic (DR), Alain Lafond (PR), Camille Latouche (MC), Michaël Paris (IR).
  • Angélica Thoméré (PhD student) "Research of new high-gap chalcogenide absorbers (~ 1.7eV) for thin-film solar cells".


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IRDEP / EDF R&D Technologies du solaire - 6 quai Watier
78400 Chatou - FRANCE

Ångström Solar Center - Uppsala University
751 21 Uppsala - SWEDEN

Research programs

  • French National Research Agency (ANR) NovACEZ 2011-2014
  • French "Ile-de-France" Institut for Photovoltaïcs (IPVF) projet C 2012-2019
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