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Science Campus site

Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN)
CNRS - UMR 6502

2 rue de la Houssinière
BP32229 - 44322 Nantes cedex 3

tel : +33 (0)2 40 37 39 39
fax : +33 (0)2 40 37 39 95

Arriving in Nantes

By plane

With 15 departures per day, Nantes is approximately 2 hours from Paris on the TGV high-speed train. The Nantes Atlantique international airport is located 15 minutes from downtown and the TGV connection to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris (3 h 15) makes coming here all the easier!

Reach the city centre in 20 minutes with the airport shuttle (possible stops: Neustrie, SNCF train station, Le lieu unique/Cité des Congrès, Downtown/Centre ville/Commerce).
Another possibility is the airport shuttle to Neustrie (free), then the tramway (line 3) to the city centre (Ticket Tram, also included in the Pass Nantes, available for purchase at the airport).

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