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Synthesis techniques

Martine Bujoli-Doeuff (MC), Hélène Serier-Brault (MC)

Synthesis through ceramic: chalcogenides (sealed tubes), oxide,

Sulfurization of oxides at high temperature,

soft chemistry by synthesis of inorganic materials (oxides) and organic-inorganic hybrid (polyoxometalates): co-precipitation, citrate way, hydro- and solvothermal channels, self-assembly, inorganic condensation in solution, functionalization polyoxometalates graft photodéposition to the state solid,

crystallization techniques: by transport agent (chalcogenides), by slow diffusion (hybrid supramolecular assemblies.

Optical spectroscopy

Florian Massuyeau (IE)

Optical absorption: spectra obtained in transmission or in diffusion or specular reflection from 200 to 3300 nm. Quantification of the color of materials (CIE, Lab, ...); Gap Measurement; Transparency measure; Determination of thickness and calculation of index on thin films.

Stationary photoluminescence: emission spectra of 300 to 1600 nm and excitation of 200 to 700 nm. Declines of luminescence from ms to several hours. Analysis of the emissivity of materials; Quantification of energy transfers; Quantum yield calculation.

Time-resolved photoluminescence: 3D mappings in the UV-Vis domain for declines from ns to ms.Analysis of the emissivity of materials; Modeling of luminescence declines to quantify energy transfers; Extinction of luminescence, Excitonic annihilation processes.


Philippe Deniard (DR)

Structural analysis: (RX and neutrons, powder and single crystals, non harmonicity of atomic displacement parameters, resonant scattering, super space group magnetic structure, development of fundamental parameters approach, PDF analysis).

Ab initio structural determination: (direct methods, parallel annealing, flipping charge)

Quantitative analysis: (with or without amorphous phase, by Rietveld or PDF).

Organization of powder DRX training for 23 years and additional training for 6 years.

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