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Synthesis techniques

Martine Bujoli-Doeuff (MC), Hélène Serier-Brault (MC)

Synthesis through ceramic: chalcogenides (sealed tubes), oxide,

Sulfurization of oxides at high temperature,

soft chemistry by synthesis of inorganic materials (oxides) and organic-inorganic hybrid (polyoxometalates): co-precipitation, citrate way, hydro- and solvothermal channels, self-assembly, inorganic condensation in solution, functionalization polyoxometalates graft photodéposition to the state solid,

crystallization techniques: by transport agent (chalcogenides), by slow diffusion (hybrid supramolecular assemblies.



TEM photograph of
Ag@Ag2Mo3O10•2H2O hetero-nanostructures


SEM photograph of
Cu2ZnSnSe4 single-crystal

Involved people

Martine Bujoli-Doeuff (MC), Hélène Serier-Brault (MC)


Novel soft-chemistry route of Ag2Mo3O10 2H2O nanowires and in situ photogeneration of a Ag@ Ag2Mo3O10 2H2O plasmonic heterostructures
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Inorg. Chem 52(11), 6440 (2013)

How does the synthesis temperature impact hybrid organic-inorganic molybdate material design?
R. Dessapt, D. Kervern, M. Bujoli-Doeuff, P. Deniard, M. Evain, S. Jobic
Inorg. Chem 49(26), 11309 (2010)

p-type Nitrogen-Doped ZnO nanoparticles stable under Ambient Conditions
B. Chavillon, L. Cario, A. Renaud, F. Tessier, F. Cheviré, M. Boujita, Y. Pellegrin, E. Blart, A. Smeigh, L. Hammarström, F. Odober, S. Jobic
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134(1), 464 (2012)

Synthesis of p-type transparent LaOCuS nanoparticles via soft chemistry
C. Doussier-Brochard, B. Chevillon, L. Cario, S. Jobic
Inorg. Chem. 49(7), 3074 (2010)

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