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Zinc oxide

Stéphane Jobic (DR), Laurent Cario(DR) (Equipe PMN), Martine Bujoli-Doeuff (MC), Romain Gautier (CR), Camille Latouche (MC), Philippe Deniard (DR), Eric Faulques (DR), Congcong Shang (Postdoctorant, 2014-2017).

Undoped or unintentionally doped zinc oxide is naturally a n-type semiconductor that is widely used in the industry for its pigmental, photocatalytic, piezoelectric, antibacterial and varistor properties. Moreover ZnO exhibits a strong emission in the near ultraviolet (UV) at room temperature. This material therefore has a real interest for devices such as light-emitting diodes and laser diodes emitting in the UV region. Unfortunately, this very promising luminescence is not exploited so far due to the lack of p-type zinc oxide (p-ZnO) necessary for the setting-up of transparent p-n homojunctions.

In that context, we have embarked on the synthesis of p-ZnO by thermal decomposition under ammonia flux of zinc peroxide, ZnO2. The p-type conductivity of the prepared nanoparticles was first evidenced by photo-electrochemistry and then confirmed both by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and ultrafast transient absorption measurements. Exceptionally, p-type carriers are stable over periods longer than 2 years and half when stored in ambient conditions. To date, the stabilization of p-type carriers is assigned to the insertion of nitrogen and a strong zinc off-stoichiometry. This Zn deficiency originates from the particle size. Indeed, the smaller the particle, the greater the deviation from the 1:1 stoichiometry, what favors the emergence of acceptor levels. Indeed, oxygen-terminated surfaces are privileged over zinc-terminated surfaces for passivation reasons. This led us to consider these nanoparticles as pseudo-core-shell entities, with a ZnO core and an oxygen rich shell.

Since a significant surface to volume ratio appears to be a key factor in the stabilization of holes in ZnO, the synthesis of zinc-based porous solids has been initiated. This conducts us to the synthesis of ZnC2O3H2, a p-type semiconductor with a white luminesce when zinc nitrate is used as a precursor.


Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical characterization of zinc oxides prepared at 250 ° C., 500 ° C. and 900 ° C. with ZnO2 for precursor. Only the first one is of the p type and this over periods greater than 2 ½ years.
Heat-shell model applied to ZnO nanoparticles prepared by thermal decomposition of ZnO2. Let us note the linear evolution of the measured density of the material as a function of the ratio surface / volume.
Zinc-based hybrid compound with p-type conductivity


Involved people

Current: Stéphane Jobic (DR), Laurent Cario(DR) (Equipe PMN), M. Bujoli-Doeuff (MC), Romain Gautier (CR), Camille Latouche (MC), Philippe Deniard (DR), Eric Faulques (DR),  Congcong Shang (Postdoctorant, 2014-2017)
Past: Benoît Chavillon (thèse 2011), Adèle Renaud (thèse, 2013), Tengfei Jiang (Postdoctorant, 2014-2016),


Quelques publications

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C. Shang, R. Gautier, T. Jiang, E. Faulques, C. Latouche, M. Paris, L. Cario, M. Bujoli-Doeuff, S. Jobic
Submitted, 2017

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  • Financements régionaux: Perle, Perle2
  • ANR ZnO-typé-p (2013-2017)
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