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Institute of Materials of Nantes Jean Rouxel (IMN) - Student and Young Researchers Association

Bienvenue chez IMN-SYRA !

The IMN-SYRA association, created in September 2019, aims to develop and maintain professional or friendly relations between current and former students or young researchers at IMN. By creating a solid network, we strive to value the contribution of the younger generation in research.

IMN-SYRA c’est quoi ?

SYRA is above all an association created by doctoral students, for doctoral students, post-doctoral students and other non-permanent staff of the lab. Year after year, our association develops a network of IMN alumni which helps to connect non-permanent staff with each other, facilitated the reception of newcomers, and disseminates job offers in a targeted manner, ultimately encouraging scientific exchanges between successive generations!

SYRA is all about ideas that come up at any time. It means inventing crazy projects and carrying them out together. It means participating and integrating into the life of a complex laboratory. And all this just because we enjoy it!

« - Hey! Why don't we just have a gala evening at the IMN? 

- Hahaha! With music, catering and a chic cocktail. Like a social evening, but fun!

- Let's do it!

- Ahah are you kidding?

- No, I'm not.»

SYRA, it's also events all year round! An atmosphere of madness where all the rottenest puns are admitted with blessing. The first events consisted mainly of eating and playing, but that's just the beginning!


IMN-SYRA c’est qui ?

IMN-SYRA is run by a team of 8 quality people. Don't hesitate to contact us or to meet us! Unfortunately, we don't have the association's logo tattooed on our forehead but, don't worry, here are the pictures of the executive board:


On the 1st row : Allan LEBRETON (secrétaire adjoint), Marcelo AMARO DE ANDRADE (co-président), Tojo RASOANARIVO (co-président)
On the 2nd row : Amina MERABET (trésorière adjointe), Alexandre MERIEAU (community manager), Tatiana-Chancelle MBOUJA-SIGNE (secrétaire), Bastien ANEZO (Trésorier), Valentin BRARD (vice-président)

Quoi ? Vous n’êtes pas encore membre ?!

If you are a former IMN staff member or are about to become a trainee doctoral student or post-doctoral student: join our association now by filling in the following form (FORM) to be sent by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Registration is completely free and all the information you provide will only be visible by the members of the association's management.

L’actualité de l’association se trouve aussi sur les réseaux sociaux :

Facebook et LinkedIn :



Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMN-SYRA, 2 rue de la Houssinière, BP32229, 44322 Nantes CEDEX 03


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