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Interactions between nanoparticles and plant cells

P. Bertoncini, M. Bayle

We are studying the interactions between nanoparticles and plant cells. Our objectives are to acquire a better knowledge of the bio-physical and physico-chemical properties at bio-interfaces and to characterize the mechanical properties of living plant cells exposed to nanoparticles in order to develop new (nano)materials useful in Biology, such as sensors. We are developing our research works in two directions: synthesis, functionalization and characterization of hybrid nanoparticles using green chemistry and study of the properties at plant cell wall and cell membranes and mechanical properties of plant cells while and after exposure to NPs.

cellule afm
Other people involved : 
T. Le Neel (2018-2021).
 Keywords : 
Nanoparticles, cell plants, bio-interface, green synthesis, mechanical properties.
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