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Structuration of biomaterials

J. Le Bideau, P. Abellan, S. Cuenot, H. Terrisse, S. Quillard

This activity concerns the conception and elaboration of biomaterials (injectable and thermo-sensitive hydrogels, hydrogel foams, cements) for tissue engineering applications. The main objectives are to determine their structure, and their mechanical and chemical properties at key interfaces in order to understand the biomaterial/cells interactions. This knowledge allows us to optimize the biomaterials’ chemical and topological characteristics. To reach these objectives, new methods based on atomic force microscopy (AFM) and cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-TEM, cryo- FIB-SEM) are developed to characterize the biomaterials with high resolution. These  microscopies are used both in imaging and spectroscopy mode, along with vibrational spectroscopy (IR and Raman), DLS or zeta potential measurements.

To go further : [Polysaccharide], [Hydrogels]


Other people implied :
M. Essani (CDD, 2021-), A. Fillaudeau (Doc, 2020-), H. Roberge (Doc, 2019-), C. Toullec (Doc 2018-), H. (Doc, 2018-), N. Henry (Doc, 2013-2017), X. Guillory (Doc, 2012-2016), N. Chopin, (CDD, 2011-2013), N. Buchtova (Doc 2009-2012)
Keywords : 
Biomaterials, material/cells interactions, hydrogels

Running projects :

  • ANR JCJC VINCI (ANR-20-CE11-0009)

Principal investigator : P. Abellan

Imaging structure and nanoscale chemistry of bone vesicles using electron microscopy and spectroscopy.


logo vinci

  • ANR PRC OVERbone (ANR-20-CE18-0015)

Principal investigator : V. Geoffroy (REGOS - RMeS)

Osteocytes extracellular vesicles cargos: a new approach for regenerative medicine of bone tissue.


logo overbone

Principal investigator : P. Abellan

E-BRIDGE: Scrutinizing functional and hybrid materials interfaces at the (sub)nanoscale – Bridging the gap between structure and properties using advanced electron microscopy.

Soutien financier piloté par NExT à travers une aide ANR, ANR-16-IDEX-0007, Région Pays de la Loire et Nantes Métropole.


  • Projet régional RFI Bioregate BILBO

Principal investigator : F. Boury (CRCINA-GLIAD)

Bioimplants using ionic liquids routes for polymers blend towards bone osteogenesis.

C. Toullec PhD thesis.

  • Projet régional RFI Bioregate LFC

Principal investigator : P. Weiss (RMeS)

Live Foam Cement.

H. Moussi PhD thesis.

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