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Mottronics & neuromorphic systems

B. Corraze, E. Janod, L. Cario

During the last decades physicists have been studying Mott insulators for their exceptional physical properties. Mott insulators can become conductors under high pressure or by chemical doping, two parameters which are difficult to reconcile with the technological constraints of microelectronics. But pioneering work at IMN has shown that the application of voltage pulses can make them conductive and thus pave the way for new electronics called Mottronics. Our work carried out within the framework of several maturation projects (SATT, Region Pays de la Loire, IPCEI) has already enabled the production of 1T-1R mott memories integrated on 8' wafers for information storage (CEA Leti collaboration) or artificial neurons for bioinspired computing. A significant part of our work in the coming years will therefore aim to create energy efficient artificial hardware neural networks with synapses and neurons based on Mott insulator.

To go further : [Lettre CNRS], [Ouest France]

MQ neurone
Other people involved : 
J. Tranchant, M. P. Besland (PCM)
 Keywords : 
Mottronics, Non-volatile memories, Synapses and Artificial neurons.
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