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Copper(I) halide complexes

Sandrine Perruchas (CR), Romain Gautier (CR)

Luminescent materials based on transition-metal complexes have been receiving increasing attention due to their wide field of applications in detection, sensing, biological labelling, and display visualization devices. The family of copper(I) halides constitutes an interesting class of luminophors owing to its large variety of photophysical properties which is associated to an extraordinary structural diversity. In this context, our research aims at studying new copper(I) halide compounds in order to develop original functional materials.

Particular attention is paid to the understanding of the mechanism at the origin the photophysical properties through theoretical and experimental investigations. In parallel, the synthesis of photoactive materials based on these photoluminescent compounds is realized. Of particular interest is the possibility to control or tune the photoluminescence properties by various external stimuli in order to obtain multifunctional materials with applications as sensing systems.



Photoluminescence of copper(I) halide complexes (UV excitation).

Involved people

Sandrine Perruchas (CR)
Romain Gautier (CR)


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