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ID2M Expertises

Structural and physicochemical characterisation of materials

  • Scanning electron microscopy (FEG SEM, EDX, WDX, EBSD, hot tensile stage),
  • Micro-fluorescence X
  • Transmission electron microscopy (BF-TEM, HRTEM, STEM-HAADF, STEM-EDX, (STEM-)EELS, SAED, electron precession, tomography, ASTAR phase mapping),
  • Optical microscopy (Mozaic and 3D reconstruction)
  • High speed camera
  • High speed IR camera
  • Powder X-ray powder diffraction and structural resolution
  • Solid state NMR

Mechanical characterisations of materials

  • Tensile / Compression / Bending tests (-196°C à 1100°C) + extensometer
  • Fatigue testing (up to 1200°C),
  • Creep testing
  • Vickers Micro-Hardness measurement (+ automated mapping)
  • Charpy impact test

Studied materials

  • Metals and alloys,·
  • Ceramics;·
  • Natural materials.

Materials can come in various forms:

  • Massive,
  • Finely divided (powders),·
  • Thin or thick films.
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