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Innovative Processes

Welding and Metal Additive Manufacturing processes

Soudage intro 200pixE. Bertrand, L. Couturier, P. Paillard, P. Dahéron, F. Guillou

As part of our research in assemblies of metallic materials and also in metallic additive manufacturing, we have acquired and / or designed equipment. Our welding skills have guided us in additive manufacturing towards wire fusion welding processes.

Keywords: Welding, Additive Manufacturing, Metal, Process



Characterization of welding and metal additive manufacturing processes

E. Bertrand, L.Couturier, P. Paillard, P. Dahéronprocede intro 200px

Welding is a relatively complex process of materials shaping. Indeed, it is a so-called multiphysical process. It calls on knowledge in physics, fluid mechanics, chemistry, metallurgy and mechanics.
The same goes for the metal additive manufacturing processes that we are studying within our team.
It is therefore important to quantify the various parameters related to welding and metal additive manufacturing operations:

  • The electrical welding parameters: welding current and voltage (PicoScope oscilloscope);
  • Observation of the molten bath, of the electric arc, of the detachment of the droplets of filler metal (KEYENCE very high speed camera);
  • Recording of thermal fields (FLIR Orion Multispectral Infra Red camera);
  • Fine temperature measurements by thermocouple.

Keywords : Electrical measurements, thermal measurements, high speed visualization

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