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Eco-geo-design of alloys

Eco intro 200pixF. Tancret

We are developing a method to design alloys with a composition allowing to minimise their environmental impact (water usage, carbon footprint, embodied energy / energy, pollution of soils…) and their criticality (geological and geopolitical availability, volatility of prices on markets), to maximise their ability to be recycled and the possibility to produce them from recycled alloys, while maintaining good mechanical properties.

 Keywords: eco-design, geo-design, eco-materials


Below is an example of the simultaneous optimisation of the yield stress of nickel-based superalloys (predicted using machine learning) and of their environmental impact (left) or of their criticality (right). Designed alloys (in green) present more interesting characteristics than commercial superalloys (in red).





. Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes (LS2N) – Université de Nantes
. Lancaster University

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