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Thin layers of TiO2 and TiO2 / SiO2 by PECVD

Antoine Goullet, Agnès Granier, Maryline Le Granvalet, Mireille Richard-Plouet , Invited researcher: Dayu Li [2018-2019]

PhDs :   William Ravisy (2021), Stéphane Elisabeth (2015)

COUCHES MINCES Couches Minces deTiO2 et TiO2 substitu metal par PECVD Agnes Mireille

Our expertise in the PECVD process (low pressure inductively coupled RF plasma) for depositing thin layers from organometallic precursors has enabled us to optimize the process in order to synthesize at low temperature, on polymers, photo -catalytic TiO2 thin films by applying RF power in pulsed mode. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analyses revealed the columnar morphology of the thin films, completely crystallized in anatase form in continuous mode (T = 130 ° C) and crystallized only at the surface of the film in pulsed mode (T <80 ° C).
Recently, thin films of metal substituted anatase TiO2 (Nb5+, W5+/6+) have been obtained by injecting an organometallic precursor of the dopant. Their photo-catalytic properties in the visible and transparent conductive oxide are under study (ANR PATIO project in collaboration with LIST in Luxembourg, W. Ravisy PhD).

Keywords           nanomaterials, thin films, desalloying, flexible electronics, sensors
Expertises          PECVD, Analyse de surface XPS, MET, Ellipsométrie
Collaborations   LIST (Luxembourg) CHiPS, Université de Mons (Belgique)

Tags: Carette Granier Jouan Richard

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