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Multiscale modelling of etching under plasma discharge

Ahmed Rhallabi, Christophe Cardinaud, Aurélie Girard, Post-doctoral researcher : Guillaume Le Dain [2018-2020],

PhD : Guillaume le Dain (2018)

Model Multiechelle
Plasma etching of micronic and submicronic structures is one of the keys in integrated circuit manufacturing or other miniature systems such as sensors or MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). In order to understand the physical and chemical mechanisms of etching, and for better optimization, we have developed a multi-scale modelling approach to predict the time evolution of etching profiles as a function of machine parameters. This approach is composed of three modules:
•    a kinetic module to determine the densities and fluxes of neutral and charged species
•    a sheath module to calculate the angular and energetic ion distribution functions
•    a surface module to determine the evolution of the etched patterns through the masks.
This approach has been applied to the etching of several materials such as silicon using the Bosch process and the etching of III-V materials and steel by chlorinated plasmas. These etching simulators are good tools at the service of technologists for support in the development of etching processes.
Modélisation, Gravure, Plasma, Silicium, Acier, Bosch.    Modelling, Etching, Plasma, Silicon, Steel, Bosch.

Keywords           Modelling, Etching, Plasma, Silicon, Steel, Bosch
Collaborations   ST Microelectronics, IGL, C2N, SILSEF

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