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Modelling and caracterization of energy management of an autonomous drone in flight

Ludovic Arzel (MIOPS), Philippe Poizot (ST2E), Ahmed Rhallabi (PCM), PhD student : Mickael  Cosson [2018-2021] 

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The design of a new generation of autonomous energy drones is a major strategic issue for national and European policies regarding the multiple technological applications. In partnership with the start-up X-Sun, three IMN research groups (PCM, MIOPS and ST2E) are involved in the development of an energy management project for a drone equipped with solar panels and a Li-ion battery module. A simulator to predict the flight autonomy of the X-Sun drone based on the flight plan, climatic and geographical conditions is carried out. The drone is equipped with photovoltaic panels, an EMS module and Li-ion batteries. The parameters of the equivalent electrical circuits integrated into the simulator were evaluated using experimental characterizations of the photovoltaic cells and batteries included in the drone's energy management chain.

Keywords                Drone, Modelling, Energy Management, Electrochemical storage, Photovoltaïc.
Collaborations        X-Sun company    

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