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  • Professor classe exceptionnelle (28th section “Condensed Matter”) at University of Nantes (Polytech Nantes)
  • Researcher within the group « Physics of Materials and Nanostructures » at the Institute of Materials Jean Rouxel – Nantes (IMN)  



  • 1996: Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches in Solid State Physics  (Denis Diderot Paris 7 University) « Structure/electronic properties relationship in some nanostructured carbon systems »
  • 1991: PhD in Solid State Physics (Denis Diderot Paris 7 University) “Electronic properties of disordered silicon carbides”
  • 1986: Master (DEA) in Solid State Physics (Paris 6, Paris 7, Paris 11 Universities)
  • 1985 Engineer degree from Ecole Centrale (Paris)


Research Themes

  • Elaboration and physical properties of nanocarbons, carbon based nanocomposites, carbon based hybrids or complex
  • Electronic, magnetic and transport properties in low dimensional systems
  • Transport properties and EPR spectroscopy  in disordered or heterogeneous materials


Research Community Activities / Teaching Responsibilities

  • Directeur des études (associate dean for education), Polytech Nantes (2010-…)
  • Teacher in  solid state physics,  mesoscopic transport, mathematics and statistics for engineers
  • Leader of a master degree in (nano)material physics (1998-2009)
  • Associate director of IMN (2000-2004)
  • Leader of PMN group (2000-2007)



As of 5/2015 :

  • 125 publications in international peer reviewed journals (H-Factor : 32)
  • 1 book chapters
  • 10 invited talks at national/international conferences, 17 oral conference presentations, 12 invited seminars, 8 (co)organisation of conferences


Complete publication list

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Publications IMN (since 2006)

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