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      • Current Position: Researcher at IMN and Lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences, Nantes University.
      • Focus: Research and teaching in the field of plasma physics and material science, with a particular emphasis on microelectronics and plasma process modeling.

And before

      • Temporary Teacher and Research Associate at Polytech Orléans, University of Orleans.
      • Postdoctoral Researcher at GREMI, University of Orleans: Focused on plasma etching mechanisms and
      • Engineer in Microsystems, MISTIC SAS: Worked on MEMS fabrication for biomedical applicationsand bulk-Titanium-based microcomponents.
      • Engineer in Embedded Systems, WMS SAS: Developed a prototype for real-time ECG monitoring using Bluetooth technology.


      • Doctorate in Plasma Physics from the University of Orleans.
      • Master’s Degree in Research, with a specialization in Nano-Electronic Devices.
      • Engineering Degree in Microelectronics and Computer Science, minor in Biomedical Devices.

Research Themes

Specialization in plasma etching techniques, particularly low-pressure cold plasma processes, for the fabrication of MEMS with a focus on microelectronics applications. This includes extensive involvement in the modeling and simulation of these plasma processes, aimed at advancing the understanding and control of etching and thin film deposition at the nanomaterial level.

Deep involvement in the thematic area of Modeling and Simulation of cold plasma processes, led by Ahmed Rhallabi, contributing to the development of numerical methods and simulations that extend from plasma phase to material aspects and thin-film devices. This includes applying models and simulations to electronics and sensor applications.

Advanced characterization of materials, ranging from experimental plasma reactor experiences to numerical approaches, to enhance the functionality and integration of microelectronic devices. Expertise in experimental design for cold plasma processes and plasma diagnostics, such as Langmuir probe, spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry, is a key part of this role.

Contributing to a comprehensive understanding of high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) deposition processes through both experimental and simulation techniques, with an emphasis on the analysis of plasma behavior, film morphology, and the resulting material properties. Collaboration with Pierre-Yves Jouan to elucidate the underlying mechanisms of thin film growth and microstructural evolution, aiming to optimize the performance and quality of deposited films.

Research Community Activities

Collaboration with industry partners for research and development in the field of plasma physics and microelectronics, including significant projects with ST-Microelectronics (Tours) and MISTIC SAS (Issy les Moulineaux).

Dedicated efforts in bridging academic research with industrial needs, playing a pivotal role in the technological transfer process. This involves not only enhancing the practical application of research outcomes but also ensuring that these innovations are aligned with market demands and contribute to the competitive edge of the partners involved.

Contributions to the scientific community at IMN include mentorship roles, sharing expertise in specialized workshops, and serving on scientific committees. This engagement supports the nurturing of an innovative research culture and fosters the next generation of scientists in the field.

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