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Multi-functional hybrid nanocomposites and nanowires

Multifunctional Nanowires and nanotubes

Bernard Humbert, Chris Ewels, Sophie Quillard, Eric Faulques, Florian Massuyeau, Jean-Luc Duvail

Our work focuses on the design and study of systems based on hybrid unidimensional nanostructures in order to promote the emergence of new electrical, optoelectronic or photonic behaviors. Such behaviors can make it possible to meet certain challenges of optoelectronic components or sensors, nanophotonics and, more broadly, organic nano-electronics (3rd generation photovoltaics, smart systems, etc.).

For this purpose, template processes are implemented, combining nanoporous membranes with various strategies for filling nanopores according to the materials used (conjugated or non conjugated polymers, metals, nanocarbons, dielectrics, etc.). In addition to the nanowire or nanotube morphology, coaxial or multi-segmented geometries are developed. We are interested in the size and interface effects on the physical properties of individual nano-objects, organized vertically in a network, or interacting with a specific surface (graphene, ...). The main investigative techniques used are optical and vibrational spectroscopies with micrometric probes, magnetic and electrical transport measurements, as well as morphological, structural and chemical characterization techniques (SEM, MET, DRX). Current studies include:

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