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Interface segregation in metals

P. Paillard

In metals and alloys, solute atoms sometimes segregate to interfaces (surfaces, grain boundaries, interphase boundaries). As this alters the interface cohesion, it can result in a dramatic degradation of the material mechanical properties.



Our work intends to:
  • Understand and model interface segregation in equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions.
  • Determine (from experiments) the thermodynamics and kinetics parameters of segregation in various systems and conditions, including model systems as well as industrial materials and processes.
  • Develop new experimental approaches for the quantification of interface segregation
Auger spectrum acquired on a stainless steel fracture surface. The grain boundary segregation of phosphorus is demonstrated.
NanoSIMS observation of sulphur grain boundary segregation in nickel.

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Current or recent collaborations:

  • Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK (Prof. C. Grovenor)
  • Aperam, Imphy, France.


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