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Physics of materials and nanostructures (PMN) group


The PMN group (physics of materials and nanostructures) brings together solid state physicists and materials chemists around three themes:

Nanocarbon: A central research theme covering the production of carbon nanostructures (nanowires, nanoparticles), their manipulation and control (isolated individual nanoobjects, nanocomposites), theoretical and experimental study of their structural and physical properties, and potential applications.

Physical Chemistry of Interfaces: This research theme concerns the understanding and study of interface properties at the nanoscale, and changes in material behavior in the presence of interfaces at this scale. Our research areas include confined ionic liquids, oxide nanoparticles, and bio-systems with nanometer scale structure.

Complex materials with non-conventional electronic properties: The production and study of complex materials with remarkable electronic properties, such as insulator-metal transitions (resistive transitions, Mott Insulators, and RRAM applications), induced by electric field for example.

We have expertise at the nanoscale in:
  • optical and vibrational spectroscopy – AFM microscopy
  • atomic scale modelling of physical properties
  • transport and magnetotransport
  • physical chemistry in confined environments and at interfaces
  • exploratory synthesis – nanostructure assembly

  • Raman Diffusion and IR Absorption spectroscopy
  • Electric transport measurement techniques
  • Near field microscopy and atomic force microscopy
  • Nanostructure characterisation (Zeta potential, DLS)
  • DFT and MD modelling (AIMPRO, SIESTA, LAMMPS, DFTB+).

We often develop new and original tools specific to the problem being studied.


Group members are active in teaching in physics and chemistry of materials and nanostructures at:

  • Nantes University Science and Technology Faculty (Physics and Chemistry Department), responsible for level 1 Masters courses in Analytical Chemistry, and Physics.
  • The ‘Ecole Polytechnique’ Materials Department, Nantes University
  • Nantes IUT (Materials Science and Engineering Department)

as well as outside Nantes. Notably we are strongly involved in the 2nd year Masters course in nanoscience and nanomaterials, ‘M2 C’NANO’ between Rennes and Nantes.

Contracts and Collaborations:

Multiple regional, national and European contracts:

  • many academic collaborations (Spain, England, Japan, Australia, …)
  • industrial collaborations at regional (Arclyn, Lemer PAX, ...), national (Hutchinson - Total, ST Microelectronics, RTE, Bolloré, Solvionic, ...) and international level (Solvay, Sensotran, ...).
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