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Synthesis and deposition of quantum materials: from crystals to thin layers

L. Cario, E. Janod, B. Corraze

This work focuses on the synthesis of powders, crystals and thin layers of quantum materials. From a fundamental point of view, shaping affects the response to stimuli and the properties observed. Our mastery of the various synthetic routes thus broadens the possible field of investigation of physical properties. In addition, we also develop thin films to go towards the realization of devices. Our expertise focuses on the synthesis of a particular class of quantum materials, the chalcogenides and oxides of transition metals. This expertise is employed in a national and international collaborative network. In addition, we are carrying out exploratory synthesis of new compounds in collaboration with the chalcogenide axis.

To go further : [TaS2], [GaV4S8], [V2O3], [Misfit]

MQ cristal 
Other people involved : 
J. Tranchant, M.-P. Besland (PCM)
 Keywords : 
Crystals, Thin films.
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