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Thin films for solar energy thermal conversion

Christophe Cardinaud, Nicolas Gautier, Antoine Goullet, Jonathan Hamon, Mireille Richard-Plouet, Post-Doctoral researchers: Florian Chabanais [2022-2024], Yoan Gazal [2016-2017]

 The ANR SiNOCH project has made it possible to synthesize, by plasma processes, organosilicon matCOUCHES MINCES Couches minces pour le solaire Thermique Antoineerials of the silicon nitride or carbide type. To this end, the OPTIMIST platform, coupled with an XPS spectrometer, was implemented according to different deposition process configurations. The link between deposition conditions and characteristics (in situ and ex-situ) of the materials has been established. The study is currently continuing with the ANR NANOPLAST (see website) project for the development of thin films for solar energy thermal conversion. Thus, SiC / metal (W) nanocomposite materials are promising candidates as absorbers of solar radiation. The work carried out at IMN focuses on the study by TEM microscopy and XPS spectrometry of the nanostructuring and atomic arrangement of these materials, in relation to the optical properties assessed by ellipsometry.

To go further
Impact of deposition conditions on the SiCN :H : nitride /Silicon carbide layers composition
PECVD growth mechanism and SiCN :H thin films characteristics

Keywords                PECVD processes, organosilicon, solar energy thermal conversion, dielectric-metal nanocomposites
Expertises              TEM microscopy, XPS spectrometry, ellipsometry
Collaborations        PROMES (Perpignan), ICCF (Clermont-Ferrand)

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