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Plasma and thin films (PCM) group


The Plasmas and Thin Films team conducts research on the development of cold plasma processes. The research strategy uses other physico-chemical processes than plasmas alone: sol-gel, chemical desalloying. The activities are structured according to three research themes: etching, the deposition of thin layers and the deposition of nano-objects and nano-materials which are complemented by a transversal modelling theme. The research projects concern a wide range of sectors:
-micro- and nano-technology,
-coatings and surface treatments.

The detailed study of plasma/surface interaction mechanisms, the development of new plasma processes, the implementation of modelling in support of experimental activity and the optimisation of the synthesis of a material with a given property are at the heart of the team's activities.

The team collaborates with external partners who have the technological means of microfabrication for the integration of materials in a device.


 Etching and deposition low pressure plasma reactors used by the team

Cathodic reactive sputtering (PVD)       
- 4 reactors (PEPVD) magnetron either DC, RF, IPVD, HiPIMS
- 1 cluster with sas and 2 chambers : 1 PECVD/PVD (ICP + 3 cathodes) + 1 chamber PVD 4 cathodes (3’’) + polarisable and heatable substrate RF  (max 800°C)
- 1 reactor with sas and 3 cathodes magnetron 4’’ (site La Chantrerie, Polytech)
- 2 IMN  mutualized cathodic sputtering

-1 ICP reactor for Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition(PECVD), with 3 organo-metallic injection lines  and 1 injection system for liquid solution  (DLI)

- 2 ICP reactors chlore, fluor, hydrocarbon, organic precursors
- Plateform Optimist, holder -180°/+1100°C

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