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Plasma processes and thin films (PCM) group

PCM groupe web

The major research topics of the Plasma and Thin Films group are focused on the development of cold plasmas processes for etching and deposition, including also chemical strategies to produce thin films and nanomaterials. Fields of applications concern a wide range of sectors: microelectronics, micro and nano-technology, photonics, optoelectronics, sensors, energy, coatings and surface treatments.

Research concerns the study of plasma/surface interaction mechanisms, the development of new plasma processes, and the implementation of modeling in support of the experimental activity. The main objectives aim at optimizing the synthesis (or the etching) of a material, from its intrinsic properties to its layout and integration into a device. For the last two points, the group is working with partners outside the IMN who have the technological means of microfabrication. The group is organized around three themes: nano-objects and nanomaterial, thin films, etching processes. Each of these themes include several research projects.

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