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Plasma processes and thin films (PCM) group


21 01 28 Photo Equipe PCM verticale

The Plasmas and Thin Films team conducts research on the development of cold plasma processes. The research strategy uses other physico-chemical processes than plasmas alone: sol-gel, chemical desalloying. The activities are structured according to three research themes: etching, the deposition of thin layers and the deposition of nano-objects and nano-materials which are complemented by a transversal modelling theme. The research projects concern a wide range of sectors:
-micro- and nano-technology,
-coatings and surface treatments.

The detailed study of plasma/surface interaction mechanisms, the development of new plasma processes, the implementation of modelling in support of experimental activity and the optimisation of the synthesis of a material with a given property are at the heart of the team's activities.

The team collaborates with external partners who have the technological means of microfabrication for the integration of materials in a device.



-Cold plasma processes for thin-film deposition and plasma etching
-Processes coupling plasma and chemistry in solution during and after plasma treatment
-Multi-scale modelling of plasma processes
-Cold plasma diagnostics (OES, Mass Spectrometry, probes)  
Characterisation of thin films and in particular X-ray Photo Electron Spectroscopy (XPS)


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