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Electrochemical storage and conversion of energy (ST2E) group

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The activity of the ST2E team is based on the synthesis and characterization of materials and on the analysis of the mechanisms that occur in the operation of electrochemical energy storage or transformation devices.

The team is structured in 3 research topics: batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells & electrolyzers

ST2E brings together 18 permanent researchers and twenty non-permanent with skills in the fields of the physicochemistry of oxides, inorganic and organic chemistry, electrochemistry, modeling and materials science. The main research activities focus on mixed ionic and / or electronic conducting electrode materials and solid ionic conducting electrolytes with the objectives of improving energy performance, reliability, lifetime, security of actual or future devices. Expanding the operating temperature range, changing existing materials, designing new materials and controlling all interfaces are some examples. Recycling and eco-design aspects are also treated.

Our research has given rise over the last 5 years to:

• 234 Publications with Reading Committees (3800 Quotes)

• 13 patents

• 124 International invited communications

• 24 international conference organizations

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