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visuel test01Supercapacitors are electrochemical storage devices for electrical energy with a very long service life. Their energy and power densities make them intermediate systems between batteries and traditional dielectric capacitors, used in the field of electronics (microsupercondensors) as well as in naval or automobile propulsion.

Research on this topic aims to increase the energy densities of these systems while maintaining interesting power densities and high cycling. These developments involve the research of new electrode materials or the modification of existing materials, through the understanding through the modeling of the mechanisms of storage of charge and by the realization of more efficient devices. The ST2E team at the Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel is interested in these different research paths through the "supercapacitors" theme.

Références :

Brousse, T., Electrochemical capacitors: When the levee breaks (2013) Electrochemistry, 81 (10), p. 773.

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